Simple, Accurate, Point & Shoot Estimates

Go Figure is a revolutionary new way to create estimates for your clients on the iPad. Generate accurate stock lists, estimates, invoices and more, instantly, on site. Track projects from start to completion, all from within one, easy-to-use app. Call 978-463-4487 to start you two week free trial.

Industry Changing Tools for your iPad

Simply take a picture of your clients’ house using an iPad and choose an item from the dropdown menu. Whether it's carpentry, roofing, painting or any of the hundreds of other preloaded jobs. Then trace the areas of the house you need to measure on the touchscreen. Go Figure will measure the areas, add up the quantities and create an easy to use worksheet to calculate costs. You’ll never need a tape measure again. Each item you choose from the dropdown menu will automatically insert contract language into a proposal. As soon as you are finished measuring the proposal is ready to print in any of three languages.


New features including: Export any job you bid as a PDF, automatically saved pricing, Easy Sketch Tool and Callout Box for photo notes. Faster and easier then ever.

Mobile Printing Package

Our mobile printing package allows you to print proposals and stock lists on site right from your truck. Go Figure will set up a wireless printer that will communicate with your iPad automatically. Just turn it on and hit print. The package also includes a carrying case and a clipboard to store paper. Put together an accurate estimate in minutes and print a professional proposal instantly. Never leave a potential client empty handed again.

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